TraCe-O Discusses His New Deal With Universal Music

“Hard work always beats talent, if talent don’t work hard.” It’s a saying that is consistent with sports and music in today’s society and fortunately Baltimore MC TraCe-O possesses the proper balance of both needed to succeed in game. After showcasing and grinding throughout B-More and all over the Internet, heads have been turned and he’s ready to apply pressure to the game.

Trace-O started his career with a group of other solo artists to form the collective Tracemil Politics. Trace eventually felt the need to push himself out there and stand out so people could see his individual talent. He says, “I always have a wide vision for what I can do so I had to make sure people were able to see what I could do on my own.”

Its been said that you don’t sound like the typical B-More rapper. And its something you pride yourself on, anything you’ve done specifically to stay out that box?

Growing up I listened to different things. Early on I was stuck on West Coast music like Snoop and NWA, and then one of my favoriate rappers are T.I. so I would take aspects from those sounds as well as the East Coast rap like Nas and Jay. I’m really into the 90’s R&B also, so everything derives from those different aspects and it doesn’t sound typical. Once I got the feedback that the sound was unique I took it and ran with it and decided to craft my own lane, showcase my own voice.


People seem to have taken a liking to his lane because the feedback has been great. “People love the music and it crosses over. I’ve got the street music and then with my R&B influence it makes the songs for the ladies easy. I hear people say Im killing it and representing the city and not saying the same old thing as everybody else on every song so things are looking good.”


Who and what inspires your music?

Family, friends, my neighbohood. The people around me are passionate about the music I make and it helps motivate me more.


How do you feel the internet, social media and sites such as NervEight help Indie artists?

The internet is a great tool to help you really get your presence out there and increase your exposure. The good thing about NervEight is getting people to go hear your music and show that they like it in a competitve format allows your supporters to really show their appreciation for the music. The digital game is a different hustle and you gotta grind to reach people you don’t know as well as the people that are familiar (with you). I take a lot of pride in responding to people and trying to be as personable with my supporters as I can. But its an everyday grind, you have to show the people that your working and even if your not getting the money you want or feel like you deserve you’ve gotta show people your working on getting to that level.


As one of the most liked on NervEight Trace felt it was a blessing to be notciced like that, especially amongst people that might not of heard of him prior. “Just the oppurtunity to be featured on the site was great, but having the most likes shows me Im doing something right.” As an artist who takes his craft serious Trace stated it’s a big thing for an artist to know that your not waisting your time with the music.


Not only has his recognition come through the ears of listeners on NervEight TraCe-O’s hardwork and talent caught the ears of people at Universal Digital Music Group who recently added the B-More rapper to their roster.


How did the Universal situation come about?

My manager had been communicating with Universal for a while. Over time we got a meeting, they listened to the music and I had a whole arsonal of music to give them. After I got to chop it up with them I prayed on it and the contract was sent the next day. The deal has been done for a few weeks but it hasn’t really sunk in yet. But my moment came, they cracked the door for me so now I gotta tear it down.


TraCe went on to say “We went to celebrate and people were looking at me like I didn’t seem to happy, I was really just holding the joy inside, my mind was already on whats next. Its work to be done. I still got a lot to prove, and they let me know I gotta really jump out there if I wanna be something in this game.”


As he stated the grind is not stopping. Currently he’s working on the first single to roll out and its hardwork as usual, “We’re treating that one song like it’s a whole cd. Getting a photoshoot done, the promo plan, artwork and things like that. We wanna make sure we get that out there so I stopped working on my No Fear mixtape until things are ready with the single.”


As of right now no date has been given for the single but it’ll be availble very soon. “They want it yesterday lol, but im taking maybe another week to compare a couple joints and then we’re gonna go with what gets the best feedback.”


Based on what we’ve seen so far TraCe-O won’t disappoint.


Check out TraCe-O’s song “Im Good” in our Most Liked section and keep up with the upcoming talent at and on Twitter and Instagram



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