NervEight Presents Christie Isaac

I had the pleasure of speaking with Christie Isaac, a singer/songwriter from Colchester, UK that NervEight has selected to profile. We were intrigued by his sound and wanted to get to know him a little better!

At the cool age of 10, Christie began making music. Surprisingly enough, he started out as a drummer. He later found his place on the strings of the bass guitar and with band mates to form Kipling with whom he’s been routinely performing with up until a couple years ago. For those of you in your “roaring 20’s” (or those of you who still remember those times….even if vaguely), you can relate to the members of Kipling now being in different parts of the country and finding it hard to get together to perform these days. Although, they did play some gigs in London this summer! Cue Peaches and Herb – Reunited……and it feels so good! Christie is still an active member of the band, but craving the consistent outlet that music provides, he began working on a solo project.

By incorporating everything he had around him, consisting of a classical guitar, a bass guitar, and a computer, Christie not only began to sculpt his solo career…he began to sculpt his sound. Christie’s main aspiration was to write music for film and television. When he started at University, studying music composition, he began attending a group called the Kingston University Digital Arts Collective (KUDAC) which removed the overall focus from music and inherently promoted the appreciation of sound. Rather than picking a baseline key, the Collective focused on the overall textures of the sound that they wanted to create. “That showed me that there’s more to it than just some chords.” (Check out this concept in Christie’s It Seems to Me track, can you hear people playing swing ball in the background?)

Christie doesn’t worry about where he’s recording, rather how to utilize his environment to create the sound. Playing up different environments brings me to his video for One. Christie made and edited this creative video and it includes a bunch of his friends! Check it out HERE. His favorite song to perform live is Cliffhanger and he also has a song titled Garden that has yet to be released that he favors highly. He noted that the track has a brilliant saxophone part from Jonny Poole of Ordinary Noise. We can’t wait to hear it.

Christie self released 2 EPs (Silhouettes & One) and has one in the works that he plans to send around to labels. His main influence in songwriting is his idol figure, Patrick Wolf an English singer/songwriter from South London.  “Every album is very different and he’s not afraid to do what he feels is right at that time like, change his sound.” In a world full of type casted artists, Christie appreciates this and hopes that it is something that he will be able to do in the future. Christie actually had a chance to meet Patrick when he was 15 and it was a great experience! Given the chance to collaborate with anyone in the world, Christie mentioned of course Patrick Wolf and also DJs such as Jamie xx and The xx. He describes them as more of a subconscious influence due to being able to hear their impact in his first EP after listening to it.

Christie’s message to other aspiring artists is, “While I think that you should try and do something that people want to hear, I don’t think that should be the aim of your music. You’ve got to do what you’re interested in. Keep going with it and do it because you love it.” NervEight appreciates his authenticity and we look forward to seeing what’s to come!

By: Melissa Marsden


Get to know Christie and his work!

On November 6th, Christie will be releasing his new song titled “It’s Nice To Have You Back”.

He has created a Facebook event for the release that you can view HERE.

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