Meet The March 2013 Winner: KAE Hock

KAE Hock – Mama Said

Fear of candor? STOP READING HERE.

Mama Said is a “no holds barred” track in which KAE Hock (Kyle Hockaday) leaves absolutely no room for interpretation about who he is and what he wants. At the tender age of 9, KAE Hock recalls writing his first rap verse while under the influences of Snoop, Nas and Kris Kross.  Undoubtedly, he knew that Hip Hop was what he wanted to do

While growing up, he was listening to some of the best to ever do it. But the one person who he was obligated to listen to day in and day out was Patricia. His mother. “Patricia taught me to love my neighbors, but not my haters, I owe them no favors.” He’s with you if you’re with him and not thinking about you if you’re not. He gets things done, and wears whatever hat necessary for the job.

When asked about who he would like to work with, he stated that he’d like to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar on a Kanye West track. I mean….can you blame him. After listening to Mama Said, let your mind run wild with the possibilities of what that would sound like. That’s exactly right….it would be perfect.

As a self starter, KAE Hock has no intentions of being like or sounding like anyone else. Full of positivity he remains focused on the purity of the music with the utmost respect for those who came before him. Refreshing sound and clear production are two things that KAE Hock and his music have in common. If you take absolutely nothing else from this track, the adoption of his mindset that being real is in style and authenticity has no season will take you a long way.

KAE Hock recently traveled with NervEight to SXSW and had an extraordinary experience. Check out our blog for more information about our time in Austin. Five years from now, KAE Hock sees himself releasing his first solo album under a record label. Having released his second album independently, KAE Hock is looking to put both he and Delaware on the map.

Mama Said represents not laying down and never letting adversity hinder your goals.

To the aspiring artists, words to leave you with from KAE Hock, “Don’t ever give up and be relentless.”

If you’re interested in checking out the chronicles of a young mischievous KAE Hock, be sure to view the Mama Said video on YouTube.

To check out more of KAE Hock’s music, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WWW.KAEHOCK.COM.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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