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We had an amazing opportunity to talk with Dreamville’s very own Bas in Cologne, Germany about his music, life and upcoming projects. Bas is an upcoming Rapper from Queens, New York who entered the music business “as a Joke” about 3 years ago.

Despite the short time, Bas has accomplished things others only dream. He has dropped two mix-tapes Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 1 and 2, appeared on J. Cole’s Gold Album Born Sinner, and has been a supporting act on the What Dreams May Come tour in North America and Europe. Bas is definitely on our ‘What to watch for’ list, so we asked him a few questions.

Bas, Is this your first time in Europe?

I’ve been to Europe before with J. Cole back in 2011; but it’s my first time performing, as well as my first time in Cologne, Germany. I love Europe. It’s an incredible feeling sharing my music so far from home.

How did it all start?

Well, I know Cole since his St. Johns days. I’m from Queens, where everyone knows everyone, and used to live right up the street from the school. So, we met through mutual friends.

Was that also the time when you started making music?

No, I actually started making music about three years ago.

Three years is not a long time in this business, what made you start rapping?

It wasn’t serious in the beginning. At the time, I felt like everyone was saying they were rapping or making music, so I didn’t worry about it too much. Hanging around Cole and seeing his dedication to the craft, changed my perspective on the game. I’m fortunate enough to have the inside view of what it takes to become a rising hip hop superstar; witnessing the making of original beats and rap lyrics. I guess it would be similar to someone watching Kanye back in the day.

Also, my brother influenced me. He was a DJ. One day, I played around with his laptop a little bit and the next thing you know; I was DJ-ing at NYU parties.

But it all started on May 27th 2010. I remember it so well because, I was Dj-ing at my own birthday party. Afterwards, my brothers and I went back to our crib, a spot in West Village. I remember calling it  “The Carter House” because at that time we were jamming to Lil Wayne’s The Carter I & II; we opened a bottle of Vodka and kept the party going. It was like eight in the morning when that Kanye “Breath In, Breath Out” beat came on and I just started rapping to it. Played it back, and we were like ‘Oh, ok!’ Then decided to pull up another beat, “Oh, Let’s Do It” by Waka Flocka. We were just playing around and thought of it as a Joke, ‘But – Yeah’ that’s how it all kind-of started.

That’s an interesting way to start a career, so tell us more about Dreamville.

Dreamville is not something you can just explain. I look at it as an institution; a way of thinking. Right now, it’s about 30 people with different skill sets and Dreamville is about bringing those skills together to make something greater. For example, Cole and I have different approaches in making music; therefore, we inspire each other differently. The group believes that creativity and unity will help anyone live their dream.

When can we expect more? What’s next?

Right now I’m focused on promoting my mix-tape, perfecting my stage presence, and doing what I can to get my name out there. You know! Share my story, especially to those who don’t know me yet.

I can’t tell you any details yet, but there is something new coming out early next year.

If it’s anything like what we’ve heard so far… we can only dream of what’s to come.

By Nardos Aida Gebreamlack


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