Gregory Stutzer: The Lush

Just before the release of his self-produced and self-released debut EP album, The Lush, NervEight had the opportunity to catch up with the East African singer, songwriter, and producer Gregory Stutzer.

Stutzer, who has built a strong industry following and loyal fan-base, opened for hip-hop superstar Wale in Providence, RI in December.  Later this week, he will be traveling to Austin, TX with NervEight to open up for Grammy nominated Mack Wilds and Grammy winning producer Hit Boy’s rap duo Audio Push.  We’ve definitely seen and been apart of Stutzer’s growth in the past year, so we wanted to ask a few questions.


I’d like to congratulate you on the completion of your project.  I’ve listened to it several times, and I’d like to say it’s refreshing.  The visual for “Initiation” is a stand out.  The first word that comes to mind is culture.

What inspired The Lush and what record is your favorite?

First of all, thank you and I’m happy that you’re enjoying The Lush! I would say that my family and friends inspired me to start working on The Lush by always encouraging me to embrace and combine my cultures (African and American). Lupita is my favorite record! Kelly, my manager, and I recorded it right before we released the project, it was inspired by the struggles in the South Sudan.

The Lush is self produced; walk me through your creative process.

I’ve been creating The Lush for years! However, over the past 3 months, Kelly & I  began compiling a series of cohesive records & instrumentals that we felt captured the essence of the “Jungle Pop” sound. Jungle Pop is a new sound that I want to flood the streets of NYC with, starting with the Washington Heights. It’s basically a fusion of retro jungle music, afro-pop and hip-hop.

That’s pretty dope and different.  So, tell me about your brand The.Wav; explain the art, music and fashion aspect.

A .wav form is the highest quality audio file format. The.Wav represents the highest quality art, audio, fashion and culture. It’s a lifestyle brand built on the modern principles that education, music and art are essential to humanity & should be accessible to everyone worldwide. We are still growing and defining our art and sound but we want the community to contribute and grow with us! Vivienne Kelly is my manager and collaborator, she also has an amazing jewelry line that she handcrafts and paints herself. We are excited to work together and see how we can incorporate the fashion industry and other industries into The.Wav as well.

You’ve been a staple and a standout on the NervEight platform since our launch a year ago.  How do you feel alternate tools and opportunities such as NervEight help indie musicians on the rise?

I love the fact that NerveEight is always involved and has remained focused on emerging talent, in a variety of different ways. From the events (#ThePopUpShow) to the app, NervEight consistently has given me a platform to be seen, connect and build with other indie and mainstream artists. As long as the NerveEight name is associated with the new hotness – then opportunities created for the artist and/or the brand are countless.

What struggles do you face as an independent musician?  Have you ever thought about giving up?  If so, what made you continue?

As an independent musician with limited financial resources, I have found that finding reliable people and tools are a challenge. That has taught me that as an independent musician, knowledge is everything and the more you know and can do for yourself, the better. I can’t really say I’ve thought of giving up, because I’ve continued to see progress in my music career. For me, it’s like, why the hell would I give up – I just started this shit, you know? I haven’t even done my first album or anything!

If you woke up with everything you’ve ever wanted, describe what you’d be doing.

I  would be with my family, making music and counting millions of dollars in my spare time.

It’s great that you value family and the art before the riches. Any final thoughts?

Thanks for this opportunity and all the opportunities you’ve provided me! Follow me on IG!

By: Steven Eason


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