Alison Carney: No Filter

Fresh off of winning the RAWards 2013 Semi-Finals in Washington D.C., the DMV native Alison Carney is gearing up for a new year that is all about progression. Very humble about heading to Los Angeles in January for the RAWards 2013 National finals as DC’s Musician of the Year; Alison is more concerned about the art than the pomp and circumstance. Alison, also known as Miss Japanese Candy, creates with integrity, truth, and cites the last six months as her, “Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation moment”- a moment where art and self finally meet. It was a period where she “experienced ugly and cute emotions at the same time.” Alison’s music can be best described as candid, raw, and refreshing. Since she operates only by art and love, her art truly imitates her life. The music is all over the place just like human’s emotions, but with a funky and stylish presence. It’s a blend of electro- soul; think syncopated kick drums mixed with a sultry voice. Alison’s sound is a musical wonderland where listeners fall down a groovy rabbit hole and land at the cool kid’s table.

Miss Japanese Candy will be progressing into the New Year with the release of a new project that will showcase how Alison has come into her own. “Break away! Be who you are, and be that person in public,” she says. The project, which the title and details are kept under wraps, will demand attention because “its honest music where I’m pointing fingers at myself and making sure others are listening.” And we’ll be ready to listen.

When she is not in the studio or writing songs, Alison is busy being a co-producer and co-wardrobe stylist to the online dark-comedy drama, No Strings, Please (, and a planning committee member for the Millennial Trains Project (MTP). MTP is a transcontinental train journey that fosters creativity and personal developments (

Alison’s additional projects are as quirky and free as she is – this is an artist who sings and creates with no filter.

By: Carla Thomas

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