A Sit Down With Boogie V

Hip-Hop was built on expression. Since its early 70’s birth in the Bronx, the culture has been about telling your story and allowing the masses to hear who you are, what you’ve been through, and what your life is like. Today I find myself sitting in a Bronx building. Yes the same New York City borough this great art form rose from and I’m talking to Boogie V. Pay attention world, he’s got a story to tell…


Who is Boogie V, the person? 

I’m a fan of music, a nerd, a geek, and a poet, just a man of many talents.


Now when you say nerd or a geek how does that affect your music?

I think it has everything to do with my music, because in my music, I’m actually saying something smart and relevant. I’m a nerd in the pop culture sense so a lot of times I reference things that people who pay attention to pop culture can understand.


So a pop culture nerd not like Urkel or Screech?

Na, I don’t study hieroglyphics and cant spell it either. But I study what’s going on in music, fashion, movies and shit like that.


So you keeping up on everything inspires what you do musically?

It allows me to stay innovative. I feel like we reached a point where the culture was stagnant and everyone was using the same beats and formulas. Now it’s coming back to a point where we can push the culture forward and that’s my aim.  But I can find inspiration from something like a Disney movie. They can say something and I’m looking to flip it to a dope as bar.


Your style is unorthodox, you combine lyricism, singing, playing on melodies and even sound effects at times, how did you come up with that?

I don’t wanna sound like anyone or like a combination of different rappers. So I wanna say different shit and use different approaches to the music.  When I say a word, I’m going to say it different from how anyone else has used it. Right now a rapper that can just spit for 4 minutes straight can come across as boring, people know you can rap but you have to keep the people entertained.


Now making this high-energy music and keeping the people entertained, what’s the feeling you get performing these tracks?

Its definite excitement. I want it to feel like a rock concert/ mosh pit but at a hip hop show (Laughter). Like Method Man and Redman? EXACTLY! Like on Hard Knock Life Tour: Backstage they were having so much fun. But I like to go on stage and have fun and I like to see the crowd having fun, that’s when I’m the most comfortable.


I’ve even witnessed you bust some moves on stage…

(Laughter) Just a little but that’s nothing, I like to dance, and I like chic’s and chic’s like to dance so fuck it (laughter).


Who are 5 artists that really influence your music?

I listen to a lot of different genres of music but in hip hop the 1st CD that I got that really played a role in me wanting to rap was Eminem’s Slim Shady LP.  But the way he approached songs was crazy and I try to keep a different approach. Other musicians would be like Phil Collins because his melody’s, Larue, Lana Del Ray, and Kanye West. Kanye came in while everybody was talking about chains and jewelry and he was making songs about working at the Gap and taking money out the register.


Speaking of the melodies, what came first you rapping or doing a lil singing?

The rap. Believe it or not I wrote my first rap at 5. I did it for my sisters friends and it was probably wack but at the time I thought I was killing it. I was talking bout the X-Men and Power rangers. The singing just came from me experimenting with the music. I was playing with it and it came out okay so I started to incorporate it. Nobody has my same voice so people cant flip it the way I do.


I’m sure you hear this a lot but as a Spanish rapper from the Bronx, do you feel any pressure or anything to come up and be like the next Big Pun or Fat Joe?

Not at all. It’s been less than 5 of us to do it big in hip-hop history.  But like Macklemore and MGK aren’t trying to be Eminem. But Pun is one of the greatest of all time and Fat Joe has done great things for the game, but I don’t need to measure up to them. I’ve got my own journey and my music is a little different from what they do.


What do you think makes the perfect song?

Every line, the hook, the beat have to be on point and lock you in a moment in time. Like you can hear a song and it will make you think about when you got head, or a fight, when you smoked weed or a banging party. Things like that. I can make a song and think its some BS but play it 3 or 4 months down the line and it catches on. I think time takes a great song and makes it perfect.


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